How many times have I heard this question before?… A million times! 
From experience, I have learned that many brides will settle for a cheaper option when it comes to Hair&Makeup on their wedding day because they have over-spent on their budget!
Few brides know how important a makeup artist truly is. Hopefully, I can assist you today, to realize the importance of this service.
The real issue we have with bridal makeup is that we have to combine two completely different makeup looks. We have to do the makeup so people look at you up close and don’t feel like they could scrape the foundation off with a spatula, but on the other hand, you are having professional photographs taken and when a camera is involved we need more of everything!
There is a fine line down the middle… you don’t want to be lady dull, but you also don’t want to look like a drag queen, and that’s where the pro artist comes in!
Here are a few more benefits of having a pro makeup artist at your wedding: