Why should you do a Makeup and Hair trial

Written by KarenB

A question I often get asked by brides is...”do I really need to do a trial? Is it necessary?”

My answer is always, yes, a trial is very important, not for me (the artist), but for you.

Many times in the last 12 years I have had brides who live far and only have limited time on their hands the week before the wedding, and then we only meet on the wedding day for the first time.

My first impression is always... “this bride has no idea how she is going to look by the time I am done, she has no confidence in me or my skill.” You don’t want to feel like this on your wedding day! 

You want to know that you are going to look your most beautiful on this day!

"I completely understand that some brides decide not to have a trial because of financial reasons, but I still recommend it... please, please do the trial, it helps you (the bride) to know exactly what to expect on your wedding day."

Here are a few benefits of doing a Makeup & hair trial:

  • You get to know your makeup artist and that builds confidence and trust.
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    On the day of the trial you can make many changes, but on the wedding day we usually have a very tight schedule that does not leave much time for changes. This is not ideal, because we really want you to be happy.
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    Bridal hair is ALWAYS prettier on the wedding day than at the trial (you can ask any hairstylist), because we know how to prep your hair for the style you want thanks to the trial.
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    Very often I get a bride that show me a picture of the hairstyle she likes, but at the end of the trial she has decided on another style that suites her better... but if you don’t do a trial...
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    Some brides are not use to wearing makeup, and doing the trial helps to prepare them for the wedding day. Helping them to be more comfortable wearing more makeup than usual.
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    At the trial we also discuss the Makeup & Hair timeline for the wedding day, this helps everyone to be on the same page regarding times.

I hope that if you are a future bride with some doubts on doing a makeup and hair trial, that this will convince you a bit more. I also trust that it confirms your choice if you did decide to do a trial. 

About the Author: Karen Bezuidenhout

My name is Karen Bezuidenhout, and I am a freelance make-up artist based in Pretoria, Gauteng.  I get to do a different job everyday, and working with the most amazing people is so rewarding. I just love this job...

I am married to a very talented photographer, and a mother of 2 boys. I started my makeup career in 2006 and did my hair styling course in 2011. 

What I love most about being part of a bride’s wedding day, is knowing that I helped to make her day special. I also love that no two brides are ever the same, no look is ever created twice.